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August 7, 2009
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Tickling Michael

Michael sat down on the Set of his Music Video "Bad" His Clothes jingling. His friend Tanya was waiting for the video to be shot as she waited on the sidelines. She walked over to him and sat down slightly annoyed.
"Michael when will this shoot be over?" Michael smiled and laughed.
"Soon! Just wait a bit longer."
Tanya nodded as she poked the him in the side.

"Michael?" Tanya asked smiling.
"Y-Yes?" Michael asked looking away. Knowing what the question might be.
"Are you Ticklish?" She pinched his side softly as he laughed a soft laugh.

He tried to shield his body as Tanya pried in trying to cause more Tickling sensations.
Michael Laughed as Tanya ran her finger down his side repeating
"Looks like this Bad Boy is a bit ticklish!"
"N-*laughs*No! *laughs*" He hadn't noticed that Tanya began lifting up his clothing. She proceeded to place her face close to his Stomach and blow into Belly Button.

"HAHAHAHA!!" Michael rolled to his aide as Tanya blew onto his tummy and licked below his belly button. She sucked in his stomach and began to lick the sides.

"No! No! No more! I can't, I can't take I- HAHAHAHA!!" Tanya licked his neck and began stroking his stomach with her finger nails. She blew a Rasberry into his stomach vibrating his body.
"NOOOOOAHAHAHA!!" He got up and reached out for her side.
"Aagh!" Shouted Tanya in suprise. She immediately strapped Michael Down to a large Table.
"Let me Go!" pleaded Michael. Tanya purposely ignored him as she lifted up his shirt, rolled down his sleeves to his armpits, and removed his shoes.

"Someone's been a Bad Boy!" She went over to the side of his body and dug into his armpits setting him off into hysterics. She  then plucked a feather from a pillow. She began to dip it in ink. Michael began to look terriffied. She edged toward his feet with an evil grin on her face. She then immediately with no warning began to write. She used her fingernails to scratch every where and her fingers to dig in between his two soles of his feet.

"NOAHAHAHA!!" Screeched Michael. He tossed and turned but it was no use. The sensation would not go away. Tanya lifted up her pen to write on his stomach. Michael knew today would be his last. Tanya began to write and at the same time claw at his poor feet. Michael was laughing and giggling repeating,
"No! St-Hahaha!!!" Tanya began to lick his stomach saying,

"Don't Worry! This will get the ink off!" Michael proceeded to break his bonds and grab Tanya. He proceeded to give her a rasberry vibrating her whole body causing her to go into hysterics. He sucked on her stomach and began to lick her side violently. The poor girl was tied to the table and laughing incontrollably. He smiled. He then took his pen and began to autograph her stomach. He flipped the pen to the feather side and began to brush it over her stomach. He began to lick up and down till her belly button was met. Michael was enjoying his revenge. He began to lick her stomach saying,

"Don't Worry! This will get the ink off!"
Tanya couldn't breathe. Michael began to edge toward the girl's feet, removing her shoes.

"MICHAEL! NO-AHAGA!!" She went in to hysterics as the Bad boy took a feather smiling as he ran it down the poor girl's feet. He closed in on her face watching her breathe heavily. He smiled shyly as he began to lick her neck. The ticklish sensation was too much to bear. Tanya got up and began to push him into a wall giving his stomach her full attention of Rasberries and kisses. She licked his stomach as he collapsed onto the floor getting up and running.

"So were playing a game are we?"   Tanya asked walking toward Michael's  hiding spot. The closet. She quickly    opened the door and turned on the light finding Michael under some clothes. She got on top of him giving him a wet kiss full of rasberry . He laughed out loud closing his eyes and squirming. She reached up into his clothes attacking his armpits. He giggled wildly and smiled his precious smile. He ran onto the set and the director began to record. Tanya grabbed jim and during the music playing gave him a rasberry. Leaving everyone puzzled. Mivhael though began to dance even when Tanya kept prying to give him wet rasberries or lickings of his neck he would just laugh and keep going, even if he was about to give up he kept dancing. Although every "SHAMON!" sounded like "SHAHA!"  Michael finally broke down onto the floor saying, shouting, and screaming,
"Please!! No-ahahaha!!!" Tanya was enjoying herself very much and pried her fingernails into the singer's bellybutton. Michael began to fall over and squirm repeating,
"NO-AHAHA!!" The Director laughed as Michael and Tanya got up blushing.
Michael had to return to the set and Tanya was about to leave when he jogged over to her. Smiled, and gave her a ticklish rasberry to remember...
A request from ~Rin-Elric who is Tanya.
I :heart: doing requests so do ask!
Please enjoy this Ticklish Story!
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Freelynxes Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
Can you make it with my idol too? :D
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OMG this was sooooooooooo cute! I barely know you but do you think you can make a story like this for me?
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Of course! Just send me a note titled Request! And explain in the note what you want!
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DarkLuxray Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009  Student Writer
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Sure!! What name should I use for you?
DarkLuxray Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Student Writer
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